February 25, 2020

Work To Begin This Year On Innovative Partnership Between Government of Saskatchewan and RM of Frenchman Butte

The Government of Saskatchewan and the RM of Frenchman Butte are partnering to upgrade nine kilometres of the Frenchman Butte Access and 26 kilometres of Highway 21.  The project is scheduled to begin this construction season.

“We are making investments in highways to build a strong economy and to support strong communities,” Premier Scott Moe said.  “We can achieve more when we work together with our municipal partners and we are grateful to the RM of Frenchman Butte.”

“These roads are crucial to our ratepayers, recreation, tourism and industry,” Rural Municipality of Frenchman Butte No. 501 Reeve Bonnie Mills-Midgley said.  “We are excited to partner with the Government of Saskatchewan to improve this highway and the access road and grateful for the work of previous councils to put us in position to move ahead with this partnership.”

The construction work will result in the upgrade of Thin Membrane Surface (TMS) roadways to an asphalt concrete surface.  The previous TMS roads were not designed to carry today’s heavy truck traffic.  Highway 21 is an important corridor for the oil and gas and agricultural sectors.

Saskatchewan’s new Plan for Growth has set a target to build and upgrade 10,000 kilometres of highways, with a focus on upgrading more than 2,000 kilometres of TMS roads across the province.

The Government of Saskatchewan has invested $9 billion in highways and infrastructure since 2008.