March 14, 2019

Winter Weights To Be Removed

Effective March 15 at 12:01 a.m., any existing winter weights are removed for the entire province and allowable weights return to normal regulation weights.

“Winter weights are permitted on secondary highways so shippers can carry more weight during the winter months,” Highways and Infrastructure Minister Lori Carr said.  “Our staff monitor road conditions carefully so the reversion to regulation weight occurs at the correct time, protecting our roads from damage during the spring melt.”

Winter weights typically run from about November to March.  Once the road bed freezes it can withstand heavier truck loads without being damaged.

Spring Road Bans

Spring road restrictions are dependent on weather.  Spring road bans are a tool that the province and rural municipalities have used for decades to mitigate damage to infrastructure during the sensitive thawing period.  Typically, these road restrictions start in March in the southwest of the province, and the remainder over a two to three-week period.  The spring road bans reduce allowable weights on RM roads and secondary weight provincial highways by 10 to 15 per cent and usually last for about six weeks.

To check which highways are impacted by weight restrictions, please visit  Spring road bans will be posted as necessary under the "New Spring Order" link.

To view the interactive map showing winter weight restrictions and spring road bans, visit and scrolling down to restrictions.  Information is also available by contacting the Highway Hotline at 511.