March 01, 2021

Winter Weights Removed on Highways in Southern Saskatchewan

Effective March 1, 2021 at 12:01 a.m., winter weight designations for some highways in southern Saskatchewan were removed.  Allowable weights will return to normal regulation weights on these 52 specific roads in 101 Rural Municipalities.

To check which highways are impacted by weight restrictions, please visit

Information about winter weight orders is updated twice weekly, with new information published on Tuesday and Fridays.

Winter weights typically run from about November to March.  Once the road bed freezes it can withstand heavier truck loads without being damaged.  This allows shippers to carry more weight during the winter months.  Ministry of Highways staff carefully monitor conditions to ensure this return to regulation weight happens at the appropriate time and highways are protected from potential damage.

To view the interactive map showing winter weight restrictions and spring road bans, visit and scroll down to restrictions.

Information is also available by contacting the Highway Hotline at 511.