August 20, 2020

Watch for Farm Equipment On Highways This Harvest

With harvest underway, please be aware of slower moving farm machinery on provincial highways.

“Agriculture is the foundation of Saskatchewan's economy, so we understand the importance of getting the crop off and safely into the bin,” Highways and Infrastructure Minister Greg Ottenbreit said.  “We all need to do our part to keep highways safe for everyone, so please be aware of slower moving equipment.”

To learn more about transporting farm equipment, producers can visit  

In addition to farm equipment, drivers also need to be aware of construction taking place on highways around the province such as:

  • Highway 1 bridge work over the Canadian Pacific Railway west of Maple Creek;
  • Highway 5 paving on Highway 5 east of the junction of Highway 316;
  • Highway 7 paving on Highway 7 between Delisle and Harris;
  • Highway 219 construction and paving between the junctions of Highways 15 and 44.

Plan ahead and be patient when entering a highway construction work zone.  There may be cases when workers are not present that require you to slow down.  A sharp pavement drop-off or loose stones are examples of hazards that warrant a slower posted speed.  If you have concerns about highway work zone signing problems, please call 306-244-5535.

A weekly highway construction update is also published on to provide the travelling public with the latest details on projects underway to help plan safe and efficient travel.  You can also report a highway work zone signing problem by calling 306-244-5535.

The Government of Saskatchewan will improve more than 1,000 kilometres (km) of provincial highways this year, the first of its 10-year Growth Plan goal to build and upgrade 10,000 km of highways.

The Government of Saskatchewan has invested more than $9.8 billion in highways infrastructure since 2008, improving more than 15,800 km of Saskatchewan highways.  Another $300 million in highways stimulus funds will be invested over the next two years to stimulate Saskatchewan’s economic recovery.