November 23, 2020

Victims and Survivors of Crime Week Declared in Saskatchewan

November 22 to 28 has been declared Victims and Survivors of Crime Week in Saskatchewan.

Victims and Survivors of Crime Week raises awareness about the issues victims and survivors of crime face, and the services and laws that are in place to protect them.

The week is also an opportunity to recognize the efforts of the province’s volunteer victim support workers and volunteer board members.

This year, the week’s theme is “Recognizing Courage, Renewing Commitment.”  It acknowledges the courage demonstrated by survivors of crime, and honours the professionals and volunteers whose ongoing efforts empower those who have been victimized.

“Victim services volunteers and staff extend their time and energy to help people going through trauma,” Justice Minister and Attorney General Gordon Wyant said.  “This year, they have shown an unprecedented level of commitment as they successfully transitioned to remote service delivery.  We are grateful for their enduring support.”

The Ministry of Justice supports programs and services throughout Saskatchewan that help victims of crime.  This includes $4.6 million in funding to police-based victim services across the province.

For information about the National Victims and Survivors of Crime Week, services available for victims and survivors or volunteer opportunities, please contact your local victim services program.  You can also call the Victim Services Branch at 306-787-3500, or visit the website at