December 10, 2020

Vehicles for Hire Amendment Act Updates Legislation for Limos, Taxis and Rideshare

The Vehicles for Hire Amendment Act 2020, introduced today in the Legislature, will update the legislation that governs rideshare, taxi and limousine services.

The Act will extend the same regulatory authority over taxi and limousine companies that Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) currently has over rideshare companies like UBER.

“When our government opened the door to allow ridesharing in Saskatchewan, our goal was always to ensure a level playing field for all vehicle for hire services,” Minister Responsible for SGI Don Morgan said. “This legislation does that while also enabling the regulator, SGI, to impose a fine for a relatively minor transgression, rather than suspending or cancelling a company’s business operations.”

The amended legislation will also give SGI the option of fining a company that doesn’t comply with its legal obligations, rather than simply cancelling or suspending its services.

Examples of violations that may result in sanctions:

  • Failing to submit the required criminal record check for its drivers;
  • Failing to provide its driver list and any subsequent changes to it; and
  • Authorizing drivers to provide vehicle for hire services when driver and/or vehicle requirements are not met.

Fine amounts will be determined in consultation with the Ministry of Justice.

The legislation will take effect upon proclamation, which is expected to happen in Spring 2021.