Todd Goudy


Todd Goudy was elected MLA for Melfort on March 1, 2018.

Todd was raised in Melfort during the time it transitioned to become Saskatchewan’s twelfth city. Agriculture was a daily focus of his family while growing up.

After graduating from MUCC, Todd lived in Alberta where he learned many life lessons starting up a new business. When communism fell in Albania in 1990, Todd took the opportunity to travel to Albania and stayed for three years helping the Albanian people “by whatever means he could”.

Todd returned to Melfort with his wife Tannis and their six children in 2007. They are all very active in the community and consider themselves blessed to call Melfort home. Since moving back to Melfort, Todd has served as a Pastor in the Baptist Church and has enjoyed the opportunity to serve the town that served him while he was growing up.

For the past 8 years, Todd has been on the board of education as a Trustee of the North East School Division. More recently, he has been the Chaplain for the RCMP and has been working as part of the Health Advocacy Committee that was responsible for bringing the new Wellness Centre to Melfort.

On August 13, 2019, Todd was appointed Provincial Secretary and Legislative Secretary to the Premier. He also serves Saskatchewan as a Member of Treasury Board and the Standing Committee on Human Services.

Contact Information

Office: 1121 Main St. N. P.O. Box 2800 Melfort, SK.
Phone: 306-752-9500