December 05, 2018

Three Communities Recognized As Achieving Age-Friendly Status in Saskatchewan

Three Saskatchewan communities have been recognized for their commitment to age-friendly principles through community engagement and action.

“Our government supports the Age-Friendly Communities initiative, which promotes healthy, accessible, inclusive communities where all individuals are valued and supported,” Rural and Remote Health Minister Greg Ottenbreit said.  “We congratulate the recipients on their efforts to become more age-friendly.”

Strasbourg, Rosetown, and Regina Beach/Buena Vista/Kinookimaw have all received a joint award from the Government of Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan Seniors Mechanism to acknowledge their work on activities and programming to be more inclusive of seniors, leading to communities that benefit all ages.

This includes:

  • establishing an age-friendly committee;
  • securing the support of municipal government;
  • assessing the community, determining where age-friendly initiatives are needed; and
  • developing, publicizing and implementing an action plan.

“Since 2012, Saskatchewan Seniors Mechanism has been encouraging communities to become part of the global age-friendly initiative started by the World Health Organization,” Saskatchewan Seniors Mechanism Executive Director Holly Schick said.  “It has been exciting to support communities as they discover the benefits of age-friendly.  We are very pleased that the Government of Saskatchewan is now recognizing the communities which have achieved the essential milestones in their ongoing journey.”

An age-friendly community is designed to enable all residents to live safely, enjoy good health and stay involved, and could include:

  • sidewalks that are well lit and kept in good shape;
  • accessible services;
  • buildings with automatic door openers and elevators; and
  • seniors taking part in all sorts of community activities, such as arts and cultural activities, courses, or volunteering for charities or civic duties.

For more information on the Age-Friendly Community Recognition Program, including the application process, visit the Saskatchewan Seniors Mechanism website at or the Age-Friendly Saskatchewan website at