August 12, 2020

Threatened Songbird Thrives in Wascana Centre

Wildlife lovers, bird-watchers and anyone out for a stroll are encouraged to bring their binoculars and visit Wascana Centre this summer to experience an unusual and unique phenomenon, the bobolink songbird (dolichonyx oryzivorus) population has jumped to six times the annual average.

“The preservation of natural habitats in Wascana Centre foster the growth of multiple bird and plant species,” Minister Responsible for the Provincial Capital Commission Lori Carr said.  “It is exciting to see the bird population thriving within the park. Wildlife is a core characteristic within this urban oasis and helps create a shared ecological and recreational space for all.”

Visitors can best spot the impressive songbird throughout the Wascana Marsh, which runs from Broad Street to Fleet Street, an area which contains both grassland and wetland areas.

Bobolinks have been nesting successfully in Wascana for many years.  As a threatened species, these birds have adapted their nesting habits from native prairie grasslands to taller grassland areas.  The male bobolink is very impressive with black and white stripes on its back which looks like a reverse tuxedo.  Keep a watchful eye for the striking yellow patch on its head or neck.

The untouched natural areas within Wascana Centre have become a safe and undisturbed sanctuary for a variety of birds, including the tundra swan, avocets, willets and the yellow warbler.  The ongoing conservation and ecological efforts by the team at the Provincial Capital Commission has created opportunities for research, outreach and education.

The thriving bobolink population is a celebration of Wascana Centre’s commitment to the protection and conservation of birds and wildlife.

About Wascana Centre

Wascana Centre is internationally known as a beautifully landscaped park surrounding a 120-hectare lake located in the heart of Regina.  It was established in 1962 to be a place for recreation and beauty.  Wascana Centre includes 2,300 acres of urban land that provides countless functions and services to the community resulting in an area of immeasurable value as a place of work, education, recreation and natural preservation.