April 30, 2019

The Police (Regional Policing) Amendment Act Passes

The Government of Saskatchewan has passed The Police (Regional Policing) Amendment Act, 2018.

The Act allows rural municipalities, and other municipalities with populations under 500, to join regional police services.

“We recognize the benefits that regional policing services could provide for communities,” Corrections and Policing Minister Christine Tell said.  “Allowing rural municipalities and municipalities with populations under 500 to join regional police services is part of our ongoing commitment to enhance policing in Saskatchewan.”

The Police Act, 1990 allowed for the establishment of regional police services.  However, rural municipalities were not able to take part in regional policing arrangements, except in limited circumstances.

Adding rural municipalities to the regional policing provisions is an opportunity to explore new policing models in the province that focus specifically on the safety of rural citizens.

The Police (Regional Policing) Amendment Act, 2018 will come into force upon Royal Assent, which is expected in mid-May.