July 24, 2019

Test Your Survival Skills in Saskatchewan Provincial Parks

For those travelling to a provincial park this summer, participation in the Saskatchewan Survival Series is a must – a fun and educational program designed to help visitors explore parks and learn survival skills.

“Parks are a popular destination for Saskatchewan residents and visitors to our province,” Parks, Culture and Sport Minister Gene Makowsky said.  “This fun program offers visitors, especially new visitors, the opportunity to learn about our parks while getting familiar with safety and survival techniques.”

There are six unique modules to explore in the Survival Series, including:

  • Key survival techniques;
  • Fire safety and fire-starting techniques;
  • Navigating, using compasses, maps and GPS units;
  • Animal awareness and safety;
  • Building emergency shelters; and
  • Identifying plants growing in the parks and if they are edible or could be used for traditional medicine.

This is the first year the Survival Series has been offered in Saskatchewan Provincial Parks and it will run until the end of August.  Interested participants can visit www.saskparks.com to find when the Survival Series programs are taking place and in which parks.

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