February 10, 2020

Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week Celebrates The More Than 21,000 Education Staff Who Support Students Everyday

February 9-15 is Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week in Saskatchewan, as proclaimed by Deputy Premier and Education Minister Gordon Wyant.  This week is a chance to recognize the many teachers and staff who embody this year’s theme of Bringing Learning to Life in supporting the more than 190,000 Prekindergarten to Grade 12 students in the province.

“Our government values the work of tens of thousands of teachers and staff that support student learning every single day,” Wyant said.  “From the bus drivers to educational assistants to caretakers, thank you all for ensuring our students have a welcoming space.”

Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week has been celebrated across Canada for the past 33 years.  In Saskatchewan it is organized by the Saskatchewan Association of School Councils (SASC).

“We appreciate the skill and creativity that teachers and staff have in bringing learning to life for students; learning that is engaging and relevant to students and meaningful in their personal lives, enabling them to apply and retain knowledge that goes beyond the classroom and into the wider community,” SASC Director Joy Bastness said.  “These real-world experiences enrich student learning, and they become lifelong learners equipped for life.”

School divisions, schools and school community councils will be celebrating Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week across the province this week.