October 19, 2017

Survey for Household Hazardous Waste Program Launched

The Government of Saskatchewan is requesting public feedback on a recycling program for household hazardous waste in Saskatchewan.  The online survey has been launched this week during Waste Reduction Week, which was proclaimed by Environment Minister Dustin Duncan.

“As we celebrate and recognize Waste Reduction Week, we’re asking residents to provide feedback on a potential program that results in effective, successful and safe hazardous material recycling,” Duncan said.  “This week is an opportunity for everyone in Saskatchewan to focus on recycling and reducing waste and we will continue to work to provide programming to accomplish this.”

The potential recycling program would provide ways for residents to recycle hazardous materials, in addition to the province’s many existing recycling programs.  Examples of hazardous materials include pesticides, pharmaceutical products, natural health products, fluorescent lighting tubes and compact fluorescent lights, batteries, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.  The goal is to develop a program that meet the needs of Saskatchewan residents and are harmonized with other jurisdictions in western Canada.  Recycling or responsible disposal of these types of products and containers will help to protect Saskatchewan’s soil, air and water.

"The Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council strongly supports the need for a provincial program for household hazardous waste and we're happy that the ministry has chosen Waste Reduction Week to unveil its consultation survey,” Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council Executive Director Joanne Fedyk said.  “We encourage Saskatchewan residents to participate in the survey and to adopt new waste-reducing habits this week.”

In addition to the online survey, the Ministry of Environment will also consult with industry associations, recyclers and environmental service firms, municipalities and other related groups over the next few months to share proposed household hazardous waste regulations and gather feedback on a potential recycling program.

The household hazardous waste survey is located at www.saskatchewan.ca/government/public-consultations/household-hazardous-waste-consultation and is open until December 15, 2017.  More information about Waste Reduction Week is available at the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council website at www.saskwastereduction.ca/events/swrc/waste-reduction-week/.