Stunned NDP Attempt to Talk about the Saskatchewan Economy with Disastrous Results

trent-wotherspoon-ndp.jpgPhoto: CBC Saskatchewan

The Saskatchewan NDP wanted to talk about energy jobs in the legislature. The problem is, they continue opposing initiatives that would help energy workers and have zero ideas of their own.

Take for example, the oil well cleanup program Premier Brad Wall championed to get 1,500 employees in the oil service sector back to work. It is supported by local Saskatchewan employers, producers and even the NDP Government of Alberta. But Saskatchewan’s NDP oppose it.

And today in the Legislature, they used procedural games to shut down a joint, bipartisan message to Ottawa.  The NDP used a technicality to avoid taking real action to get people in the energy sector back to work. It’s almost unbelievable.

Watch Premier Brad Wall talk about the program in the Legislature.

Then last week, the temporary NDP Leader Trent Wotherspoon spoke against Premier Brad Wall’s eastern tour to build support for pipeline by meeting with other premiers and raising awareness about the safety and importance of pipelines for all Canadians. They called it a “play for headlines”.

That’s right. They would prefer our Premier just stay sheepishly silent like them and not take any proactive steps to help our energy sector and its workers.

It is incredible how the NDP think not proposing anything positive and staying quiet helps our energy sector. During the recent election, for example, they refused to do an interview with Pipeline News, a leading publication in the heart of Saskatchewan’s oil sector. The magazine was shocked a party aspiring to run the government of an oil producing province wouldn’t take their call.

It is no wonder Saskatchewan’s NDP rarely talk about the economy, because they have no new ideas, won’t tell anyone where they stand, refuse to talk about real solutions and end up making fools of themselves.