December 04, 2015

Strong Job Growth in Saskatchewan Compared to the Rest of Canada

Saskatchewan posted strong employment growth numbers in November, especially when compared to the rest of the country.

Employment in Saskatchewan was up 7,200 or 1.3 per cent year-over-year - the second-best growth rate in the country and nearly double the national growth rate of 0.7 per cent.  Saskatchewan also has the lowest unemployment rate in the country at 5.5 per cent.

"Saskatchewan's diversified economy continues to create new jobs despite the challenges in our energy sector," Economy Minister Jeremy Harrison said.  "That's a big change from a few years ago when a downturn in one part of the economy would lead to job losses in every part of the economy."

Other highlights include:

  • Month-to-month, seasonally adjusted employment growth was 0.4 per cent (ranked highest among provinces) and above the national decline of -0.2 per cent.
  • Full-time employment was 470,600, a record for the month of November. ¬†There was an increase of 2,600 full-time jobs and part-time increased by 4,700.
  • Major year-over-year gains were reported for health care and social assistance up 5,700; information, culture and recreation up 5,100; trade up 3,700.
  • Regina's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate (4.0 per cent) was the lowest among major cities in Canada, and Saskatoon's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate (6.1 per cent) tied for the 11th lowest (with Barrie, Halifax and Edmonton).
  • Youth unemployment rate was 9.4 per cent (seasonally adjusted), lowest among the provinces, and below the national rate of 12.7 per cent.