July 12, 2018

Strong and Steady Performance for Auto Fund and SGI Canada

Both divisions of Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) showed strong financial performance in 2017-18.  Today the Crown corporation tabled financial and operational highlights for the Saskatchewan Auto Fund and SGI CANADA.

The Saskatchewan Auto Fund is the self-sustaining, compulsory auto insurance plan administered by SGI on behalf of the province.   The Auto Fund had a strong 2017-18, thanks in large part to solid investment earnings ($162.8 million) from a well-managed investment portfolio.  Traffic safety awareness targeted at reducing the number of people killed or injured due to impaired driving continued to be a strong focus for the year, through award-winning campaigns like “People Shouldn’t Disappear” and “Be A Good Wingman.”

“Overall we are very pleased with the performance and service of the Saskatchewan Auto Fund,” Minister Responsible for SGI Joe Hargrave said.  “Our goal of having the safest roads in all of Canada is an ambitious one, but we are committed to this work, and we will continue to bring awareness to these important safety issues.”

Auto Fund highlights for 2017-2018 include:

  • $937.3 million in gross premium written;
  • $144.2 million in discounts to customers through SGI’s Safe Driver Recognition and Business Recognition programs;
  • $162.8 million in investment earnings, primarily from strong equity returns;
  • $787.9 million in claims incurred (a 1.3 per cent decrease when compared to the previous year);
  • $33.6 million in storm claims, the largest being a hailstorm in Saskatoon which resulted in estimated claim costs of $15.9 million;
  • $210.1 million added to the Rate Stabilization Reserve, which acts as a cushion that protects customers from severe rate increases due to a sudden influx of claims from summer storms or downturns in investment markets;
  • Implemented a number of customer-focused improvements, including:
    • a redesigned website that makes it easier for customers to find what they came to do, and
    • a provincial call centre for claims so that customers are connected to the first available claims person and spend less time waiting on hold;
  • New legislation was introduced in Fall 2017 (and passed in Spring 2018) that:
    • paved the road for ridesharing services to operate in Saskatchewan;
    • increased penalties for impaired drivers who transport children; and
    • declared a zero-tolerance policy for drug-impaired driving, and paired SGI administrative penalties with incoming federal legislation.

SGI CANADA is the competitive side of SGI’s operations, selling property and casualty insurance in Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and British Columbia.

“SGI CANADA continues to focus on growth, and has successfully increased the share of business written out of province,” Hargrave said.  “The company is on pace to achieve its target of $1 billion in premium written by 2020 with 40 per cent written outside Saskatchewan. Geographic and product diversification helps keep the company stable and insulate it from losses in any one region.”

Highlights for SGI CANADA in 2017-18 include:

  • $59.4 million profit;
  • 8.7 per cent premium growth (outperforming the industry average of approximately three per cent), with premium growth both inside and outside Saskatchewan;
  • 15.8 per cent return on equity, after tax;
  • $43.5 million in investment earnings, driven by strong equity returns from a well-managed and diversified investment portfolio;
  • $10.9 million underwriting profit;
  • $802.8 million in premiums written (including $277.4 million – or 34.6 per cent – written outside Saskatchewan);
  • $50.2 million in storm claims (all provinces);
  • $35.8 million dividend to Crown Investments Corporation, representing 60 per cent of SGI CANADA’s net income over the fiscal year;
  • Began selling personal property and auto insurance in Ontario under the SGI CANADA brand (SGI CANADA also continues to offer non-standard auto insurance products in Ontario under the Coachman brand); and
  • Launch of the Farm Business Unit to provide unique and personalized service to agricultural customers.

The complete Saskatchewan Auto Fund annual report can be found at www.sgi.sk.ca.

The complete SGI CANADA annual report can be found at www.sgicanada.ca.