May 08, 2018

SGI Funds 77 Additional Automated Licence Plate Readers for Law Enforcement

Law enforcement vehicles throughout Saskatchewan are getting smarter to help improve traffic safety and fight crime. 

Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) has invested $2.3 million to fund the purchase and installation of 77 new automated licence plate readers (ALPRs) in law enforcement vehicles.

The devices automatically scan licence plates – up to one plate per second – and alert police if a nearby vehicle is unregistered, or associated with a driver who has been suspended for impaired driving or other reasons.  ALPRs can be used to look out for a vehicle that has been reported stolen, or is connected to a crime or an Amber alert.

“For anyone who uses a vehicle in the commission of a crime, is suspended from driving or is driving an unregistered vehicle, the odds of getting caught just went up,” Minister Responsible for SGI Joe Hargrave said.  “Automated licence plate readers help make our roads and communities safer by helping police catch suspended or wanted drivers.”

Of the 77 new ALPRs, 69 have been allocated to vehicles used by Ministry of Highways Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officers and Ministry of Environment Conservation Officers who will be serving as part of the province’s new Protection and Response Team (PRT).

Eight more ALPRs are in vehicles used by traffic patrol units as part of the Combined Traffic Services Saskatchewan (CTSS) in Regina, Prince Albert and Moose Jaw.  The CTSS officers also contribute to the PRT’s efforts, with a significant number of their patrols taking place on highways outside their municipality.

With 59 SGI-funded ALPRs already in police cars throughout the province, this new investment means SGI has funded a total of 136 ALPRs in Saskatchewan, with a total investment of approximately $3.8 million.