February 09, 2016

SGI Customers Can Now Print Their Own Vehicle Registration

SGI is enhancing convenience for customers with changes to vehicle registration certificates.

Vehicle registrations can now be printed on plain white paper rather than special green card stock paper. This means customers who register a vehicle using SGI’s online service MySGI will no longer have to wait for their registration certificate in the mail – they can print it at home. Any customer with a MySGI account can also access their registration certificate online, and print it off at any time – even if they didn’t renew online.

“Customers have been asking for the ability to print off their vehicle registration certificate from the comfort of their home,” Minister Responsible for SGI Don McMorris said. “SGI is pleased to provide this option to help simplify the process.” 

The registration certificate is also changing. The customer’s address will no longer be printed on it. This is a deterrent against potential criminal activity – an SGI survey found that 61 per cent of respondents leave their registration certificate in the glove box of their vehicle. If a vehicle is broken into and the address is noted on the registration this, often combined with the availability of a garage door opener, provides opportunity for thieves. 

“Removing the address from the registration certificate enhances security for customers,” McMorris said. 

Customers who visit a motor licence issuer in person to register their vehicle will also receive the registration certificate on plain white paper, once existing green card stock paper is used up. 

SGI consulted with law enforcement and other impacted stakeholders and received support for these changes. 

It's estimated the change to plain white paper from card stock will save SGI $120,000 annually in paper costs and up to $400,000 annually in postage costs.

Visit SGI’s website at www.sgi.sk.ca for more information on vehicle registration requirements or the MySGI online service.