May 30, 2018

SGI CANADA Partners with Canadian Red Cross on Disaster Relief Efforts

SGI CANADA has partnered with the Canadian Red Cross in Saskatchewan to provide both financial and volunteer support to help people impacted by disasters in the province.

“SGI CANADA is proud to support our communities and the Red Cross, and help in times of need,” Minister Responsible for SGI Joe Hargrave said.  “This partnership is a great fit.  As an insurance company, SGI employees often deal directly with people affected by extreme weather events and know the impacts can be devastating.”

The Red Cross is dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable people, including those who have been affected by natural disasters.  To help with these efforts, SGI CANADA is committing $35,000, which includes $25,000 for flood clean-up kits, assistance for families with long-term recovery needs, and ongoing Red Cross emergency preparedness and awareness efforts.  An additional $10,000 will be provided for equipment and necessities as urgently identified.

SGI CANADA is also providing an opportunity for the Red Cross to access a list of SGI volunteers to assist with disaster efforts under the Red Cross Ready When the Time Comes program.  Volunteer work may include helping with set-up and take-down at evacuation shelters, handing out supplies, assisting with outings and field trips for evacuees, helping entertain children in the shelters, and other duties identified by the Red Cross.

“We all know that when a disaster hits, quick action is key and it’s all hands on deck,” Canadian Red Cross Vice-President Saskatchewan Cindy Fuchs said.  “So being able to provide people with clean-up kits immediately, and quickly schedule SGI volunteers, means we can be more responsive when people need help the most.  SGI CANADA is one of the first companies to enter a partnership for disaster recovery, providing both financial and volunteer recovery support for families affected by disasters.”

Earlier this month, clean-up kits were provided to 15 families on the Standing Buffalo First Nation near Fort Qu’Appelle, who were impacted by wildfires.  The kits were used in clean-up efforts for evacuated homes that withstood the fires, but were impacted by smoke.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to give back to our communities by working with an established, trusted and respected disaster response organization like the Red Cross,” Hargrave said.

SGI CANADA is the trade name of the property and casualty insurance division of SGI, offering products in five of Canada’s provinces.  It operates as SGI CANADA in Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario, and also as Coachman Insurance Company in Ontario.  Products are sold through a network of independent insurance brokers.