April 28, 2016

See Tracks? Be Aware! Rail Safety is Everyone's Responsibility

Public-Rail Safety Week Runs April 25 to May 1

The Government of Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan Shortline Rail Association (SSRA) are partnering to raise train safety awareness in elementary schools across the province.

“Trains are busy carrying Saskatchewan’s food and fuel to market,” Regina Walsh Acres MLA Warren Steinley said on behalf of Highways and Infrastructure Minister Nancy Heppner.  “As a father, I appreciate the effort the SSRA and province make to teach children that trains can be dangerous if you aren’t careful.”

The government and SSRA distribute train safety activity booklets to Grade 4 students in more than 100 schools near Saskatchewan shortline railways.

“We continue to work with the province to relay these valuable safety messages,” SSRA President Perry Pellerin said.  “The activity books are an excellent way to remind both children and adults how to practice safe behavior around trains and railways.”

The Government of Saskatchewan conducts safety inspections and reviews shortline railways safety management plans to ensure their operating rules and plans are up-to-date.

Public Rail Safety Week is an Operation Lifesaver initiative that aims to bring awareness to rail safety and encourages people to be safe while travelling near rail crossings or tracks.  Further resources can be found at Operation Lifesaver’s website at www.operationlifesaver.ca.

Saskatchewan has 1,160 shortline rail crossings, with 14 privately-owned shortline railways operating on 2,121 kilometres of provincially-regulated track.  The shortlines connect to more than 6,000 kilometres of federally-regulated rail lines.

To view a map of the Saskatchewan Rail Network visit www.highways.gov.sk.ca/adx/aspx/adxGetMedia.aspx?DocID=329,328,81,1,Documents&MediaID=9726&Filename=skrailnet2015nov.pdf.

Train safety books can be downloaded at www.highways.gov.sk.ca/sask-rail/shortlinesafety.