Secret Memo Shows Carbon Tax Cost 6x More Than Advertised


In a heavily censored briefing note, officials revealed that Prime Minister Trudeau’s already costly $50/ton tax on carbon is inadequate to meet Ottawa’s emissions targets and that the real cost of the carbon tax should be as high as $300/ton.

This is six times the cost he said he would impose on provinces.  So, according to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, the average family in Saskatchewan won’t be paying an additional $2,500 for Ottawa’s carbon tax, they will in fact be paying $15,000 per year in cost hikes.

This means a hike of 70 cents per litre at the gas pumps.

Worst of all, the secret Cabinet memo itself says Ottawa’s planned carbon tax will be “insufficient” and that additional regulations will be needed anyway.

This costly and ineffective tax grab will threaten jobs, investment, and thousands of Saskatchewan livelihoods.

Despite urging the NDP Opposition to join us in standing up for Saskatchewan against this costly and ineffective tax, the NDP actually voted against a motion rejecting Ottawa’s imposed carbon tax.

In fact, just a few months ago the NDP Member for Meewasin, and likely future leader of the NDP, Ryan Mieili said “we applaud the federal government’s recent announcement of a minimum price on carbon”.

NDP governments elsewhere and the NDP here may welcome a $15,000 carbon tax on Saskatchewan families, but we will continue to stand up for Saskatchewan and meet the challenge of climate change.

Lori Carr is the MLA for Estevan, Legislative Secretary to the Minister responsible for SaskPower (Renewable and Sustainable Energy) and a proud supporter of Saskatchewan's energy sector