April 12, 2021

SaskTel Waives Data Overage Charges Until June 30, 2021

Today, SaskTel announced plans to waive data overage charges from April 12 - June 30, 2021, to further assist customers with online learning or those still working remotely as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  There will be no data overage charges (domestic data) for business or consumer customers, on SaskTel's postpaid Wireless plans (https://www.sasktel.com/store/browse/Personal/Wireless/Rate-plans/_/N-2777), noSTRINGSPrepaid (https://www.sasktel.com/store/browse/Personal/Wireless/noSTRINGS-Prepaid/_/N-26v9) wireless plans or SaskTel fusion Internet (https://www.sasktel.com/personal/internet/hs-fusion) plans.

"With the added increase in COVID-19 variants in the province and the return to online learning, our government understands the importance of staying connected during these trying times," Minister Responsible for SaskTel Don Morgan said.  "It has been a stressful year and waiving data overages will alleviate the worry of data usage for SaskTel customers until the end of the school year."

"SaskTel knows our previous offers were appreciated by our customers and we are once again pleased to assist them with their work from home and online learning requirements," SaskTel President and CEO Doug Burnett said.  "This has certainly been a challenging year for everyone and we hope that by the end of this offer things will be returning to normal for most folks."

SaskTel's internet plans (https://www.sasktel.com/store/browse/Personal/Internet/_/N-26vj) are already unlimited, so customers can use as much data as needed during this time with the peace of mind of having no additional fees or throttling of data.  With customers not having to be concerned about how their data is being used, downloads, browsing and streaming can be done to keep the whole family connected.

This announcement comes as Saskatchewan residents are already enjoying the lowest utility expenses in all of Canada during one of the most challenging times in history.  Saskatchewan families are saving on average more than $5,200 in utility expenses when compared to a family unit in Alberta.

In addition to this waiver of data overage charges from SaskTel, SGI customers will be receiving rebate cheques in May for approximately $285 per vehicle.  Furthermore, SaskPower customers are currently enjoying a 10 per cent bill reduction which will equate to an average $131 per customer this year.  These programs are helping Saskatchewan people as we work together to recover from the economic impacts of the pandemic.