May 16, 2018

Saskatchewan Submits 11 Projects for Federal Low Carbon Economy Fund

The Government of Saskatchewan submitted 11 projects to the Government of Canada’s Low Carbon Economy Fund by the May 14 deadline, despite being deemed ineligible by the federal government for a portion of the funding.

“Saskatchewan put forward 11 projects totalling more than $200 million for consideration under the federal government’s Low Carbon Economy Fund,” Environment Minister Dustin Duncan said.  “These projects will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 188 million tonnes from energy and power production, water, forests and agriculture.”

The federal Low Carbon Economy Fund includes a $1.4 billion leadership fund for provinces and territories that have signed the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change.  This includes $62 million of federal funding earmarked for Saskatchewan, and supported by Saskatchewan taxpayers.  The remaining funds are allocated to a challenge fund.

The province did not sign the Pan-Canadian Framework because it prescribes a national approach to carbon pricing – a federal tax to which Saskatchewan’s residents and business community clearly object.

“Saskatchewan’s climate change strategy will reduce greenhouse gas emissions without a carbon tax,” Duncan said.  “Our Low Carbon Economy Fund submissions should be equally considered for this federal funding and $62 million should be returned to our province to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

Saskatchewan is already committed to tangible greenhouse gas reductions, as outlined in Prairie Resilience: A Made-in-Saskatchewan Climate Change Strategy.  Saskatchewan’s comprehensive climate change strategy is designed to make Saskatchewan more resilient to the climatic, economic and policy impacts of climate change.