March 14, 2019

Saskatchewan Sends Strong Message to Ottawa On Bill C-69

Today, Members of the Legislative Assembly voted unanimously to send a strong message calling on Ottawa to halt and repeal the Impact Assessment Act (Bill C-69), which would hurt workers by creating even more regulatory uncertainty and politicization in the Canadian energy sector.

“We know Federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh is against pipeline projects such as TransMountain and Energy East, so we’re glad to see the Opposition stand with us on this important issue,” said Colleen Young, MLA for Lloydminster.

Bill C-69 would overhaul the environmental review and approval process for resource projects and result in a more complex, costly and time-consuming process. This would stop, not start, major energy projects and erode our economic competitiveness.

“If the goal of Bill C-69 is to diminish oil & gas production and ensure no more pipelines are built, this legislation has hit the mark,” Young added.

Pundits, provinces and major industry associations continue to express concern, as Bill C-69 fundamentally contradicts several of Canada’s long-term strategic goals and would effectively hinder natural resource-related economic development within the country.

The legislation passed through the House of Commons last year and is currently being considered by the Senate.

Energy & Resources Minister Bronwyn Eyre recently presented Saskatchewan’s position to the Senate Committee in Ottawa. The committee is tentatively scheduled to meet in Saskatoon on April 11 for hearings.

Unanimous support for our Government Motion makes it clear to the Senate that the legislation cannot go forward in its current state.