January 18, 2021

Saskatchewan’s Top Cadets of 2020

The Premier’s Commendation of Achievement certificates, signed by Premier Scott Moe and Provincial Military Liaison Greg Lawrence, are being awarded this month to Saskatchewan’s top Sea Cadet Corps, Army Cadet Corps, and Air Cadet Squadron of 2020.

“It is wonderful that we can celebrate the positive contributions of our province’s cadets,” Provincial Military Liaison, Greg Lawrence said.  “Through cadets, Saskatchewan youth learn life and work skills that can help them become our next community leaders.  I am humbled to present the best cadet corps in the province of Saskatchewan. These awards recognize some of the best cadet youth programs in the country.”

Canadian Cadet Organizations (CCO) offer programming nationally for youth aged 12 to 18.  The top Saskatchewan units are chosen for their work on special projects evaluated by Zone Training Officers.  In addition to certificates for the top cadet corps or squadron, pins are given to each of the winning members.  In the eleventh year of the awards, Saskatchewan’s top cadet units for 2020 are:

  • Top Sea Cadet Corps - 43 Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps "Impregnable"Regina 
  • Top Air Cadet Squadron - 605 “Tarry”Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron, Swift Current 
  • Top Army Cadet Corps - 3071 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps, Saskatoon 

“The Sea Cadet program, and all cadet programs encourage cadets to become better leaders by building their self-esteem and motivating them to feel confident in putting their best efforts toward any task,” Commanding Officer of 'Impregnable' Lieutenant (Navy) Elizabeth Engel said.

“The cadet program is Canada’s largest youth program and it’s absolutely free,” Commanding Officer of 'Tarry' Captain Jeff Kurtz said.  “In the air cadet element, we provide an opportunity for cadets to explore aviation related topics, but also cover leadership, citizenship, survival, self-discipline and promote physical fitness.  When we had to suspend in-person training last spring cadets not only participated with online training, but conducted their own backyard campout, participated in an 80-kilometre fitness challenge, as well as other tasks.”

The Provincial Capital Commission (PCC) supports the Provincial Military Liaison’s work of championing military personnel throughout Saskatchewan.

To learn more about the Canadian Cadet Organization go to www.cadets.ca.