May 05, 2020

Saskatchewan Reminds Residents to Be Prepared This Summer

Government Relations Minister Lori Carr is proclaiming May 3-9 as Emergency Preparedness Week in Saskatchewan.

“On top of expecting the typical emergencies like wildfires and grassfires, we are also dealing with the impact of a pandemic,” Carr said.  “That’s why it is important to remind local governments, communities and individuals to be more prepared than ever.”

Saskatchewan residents are encouraged to identify their risks, build a kit and make a plan.

“Taking a minute to think about what you would do if you needed to evacuate can help you prepare,” Carr said, noting that most emergency kits contain water, non-perishable food, money, medication, a flashlight, identification and insurance documents.

Emergency Preparedness Week is also the perfect time to download the SaskAlert App, which allows users to choose to receive emergency public alerts for the entire province, a particular municipality or a First Nation community.  The app can target residents in a geographic area if urgent information is specific to one region or municipality within the province.

The app is available for download on Android and Apple devices at  Information about preparing for an emergency can be found at