November 03, 2015

Saskatchewan Providing Drug Coverage for Saskatoon Siblings

After additional review and consultation, the provincial government has made a decision to provide interim drug coverage for three Saskatoon siblings who have Morquio syndrome.  The province will cover the cost of Vimizim for these children for a period of one year to allow for an assessment of its effectiveness.

“After hearing the challenges faced by this family, I asked the Ministry of Health to revisit the initial decision and seek additional clinical expertise,” Health Minister Dustin Duncan said.  “While uncertain of its effectiveness, the specialists we consulted indicated a trial period could establish if this drug may provide any benefit to these children.”

There will be opportunity for assessment of its effectiveness during the period of the one year trial.

Saskatchewan will continue to collaborate with other provinces and territories on a consistent, national approach to review expensive drugs for rare diseases.  Any further decision to provide coverage for Vimizim will be made on a case-by-case basis, and will rely on out-of-province specialist recommendations.