October 15, 2019

Saskatchewan Proclaims Veterinary Technician Week

Today, Agriculture Minister David Marit proclaimed October 13 to 19, as Registered Veterinary Technician Week in Saskatchewan.  The week coincides with National Veterinary Technician Week in both Canada and the United States.

“Whether they are running tests, taking samples, assisting the veterinarian or simply helping a distressed and injured animal, veterinary technologists are essential to the health and welfare of Saskatchewan’s livestock, pets and other animals,” Marit said.  “Everyone—from producers to pet owners—appreciates the work of veterinary technologists.  Veterinary Technician Week gives us a much-needed reminder of the important work they do, and an opportunity to say thank you.”

The proclamation of Veterinary Technician Week in Saskatchewan is supported by the Saskatchewan Association of Veterinary Technologists, which has been representing veterinary technologists in the province since 1984.

“Registered Veterinary Technologists are dedicated professionals whose daily work ensures animal health care excellence in Saskatchewan,” Saskatchewan Association of Veterinary Technologists President Breanne Barber said.  “As part of the veterinary health care team, veterinary technologists promote public health, food safety and the delivery of progressive, compassionate and humane veterinary medical care for all animals.  This week in Saskatchewan is part of Canada-wide events occurring during October – Registered Veterinary Technician Month – which celebrate all veterinary technologists who demonstrate the highest ethical standards in both their veterinary medicine-related work and their professional advancement.”

More than 530 registered veterinary technologists work in Saskatchewan in a variety of settings, such as veterinary clinics, livestock operations, the provincial and federal governments, and veterinary pharmaceutical and supply companies.