January 27, 2020

Saskatchewan Posts Lowest Number of Road Fatalities In Recorded History

Drivers Encouraged To Help Bring That Number Even Lower In 2020

Fewer people were killed on Saskatchewan roads in 2019 than in any single year since records started being kept in the 1950s.  SGI’s preliminary statistics indicate 71* people were killed in collisions in 2019.

Over the preceding 10 years (2009-2018) Saskatchewan averaged nearly 140 road fatalities per year.  Previously, the record low was 73, which occurred in 1951 when there was about a quarter the number of registered vehicles on the roads as there is today.

“This number makes it clear that many Saskatchewan people have decided that it is no longer acceptable for this province to hold a different record, and one that we held not that many years ago, where we had the highest number of road fatalities in Canada,” Minister Responsible for SGI Joe Hargrave said.  “I want to thank all Saskatchewan residents who are working to make our roads safer, and I’d like to particularly acknowledge the work by law enforcement, media, and families affected by distracted or impaired driving.

“However, collisions are preventable and even one traffic death is too many.  We can’t celebrate when people are still being killed and injured on our roads.”

As SGI reported in August (https://www.sgi.sk.ca/news?title=progress-report--fewer-road-injuries-and-fatalities-in-2018-compared-to-10-year-average) of last year when releasing preliminary 2018 numbers, fatalities and injuries caused by traffic collisions continue to decrease in Saskatchewan, particularly those caused by impaired driving, distracted driving, speeding and improper seatbelt use.  More enforcement, targeted legislation and powerful awareness efforts contribute to this, but it ultimately comes down to drivers making good decisions.

“When people make the decision to drive safely, it literally saves lives,” SGI President and CEO Andrew Cartmell said.  “If you are one of the drivers who still chooses to take risks like texting while you’re driving, driving when you’re impaired or driving at unsafe speeds, you are now in the minority.  We ask you change your habits and become part of making this the province with the safest roads in Canada.”

The Government of Saskatchewan, SGI and law enforcement ask everyone to keep one thing in mind throughout 2020, and beyond: Take care out there. *The 2019 number is considered preliminary, based on data available from police forces in Saskatchewan, and may be adjusted.