July 08, 2021

Saskatchewan Police Commission Conducts Inquiry

The Saskatchewan Police Commission is conducting an inquiry into workplace concerns at the Estevan Police Service. 

The inquiry will primarily consist of fact-finding interviews focused on workplace culture, health and well-being supports for police officers, the role and responsibilities of the Chief of Police and the Estevan Board of Police Commissioners, and what effect these factors may have on the quality of police services in Estevan.

Subsection 89(1) of The Police Act, 1990 states that, subject to the approval of the Minister of Corrections, Policing and Public Safety, the Commission may hold an inquiry into any matter that is related to the standard of policing and law enforcement provided within a municipality.

The Saskatchewan Police Commission works with police services and boards of police commissioners to promote effective policing throughout the province.  The Commission is empowered to conduct audits and reviews, and to provide information to boards of police commissioners.  The Commission is the final appeal body in disciplinary and dismissal matters.

The police commission has appointed Mr. Aaron Fox Q.C. to conduct the inquiry.