February 22, 2016

Saskatchewan Party Caucus Calls on Sask NDP to Support Saskatchewan Advantage

Will Sask NDP leader Cam Broten stand with Saskatchewan families or with his national leader? 

Today, Jeremy Harrison, Minister of Jobs, Skills and Training, called on the Sask NDP to clarify if they would support a new carbon tax imposed by Ottawa on Saskatchewan, or if they side with Premier Brad Wall standing up for Saskatchewan families.

“A carbon tax would hit Saskatchewan families on everything they buy,” said Harrison. “On top of that, it would kneecap our economy at a time the global economic slowdown is already putting added pressure on it.”

 “Premier Wall and our government have been very clear about our opposition to the high costs a new carbon tax would impose on Saskatchewan families and businesses,” said Harrison.  “Unfortunately we have a Sask NDP opposition who always seem to side with their federal bosses in Ottawa rather than with Saskatchewan families here at home.”

Ottawa is considering imposing a new carbon tax that would raise costs on Canadian families.  A carbon tax would also hit sectors of the economy already reeling from the global economic slowdown.

The Federal NDP have already shown their support for a new national carbon tax imposed from Ottawa.  The Saskatchewan Party government now calls on the Sask NDP and Cam Broten to come clean and let Saskatchewan voters know if they support a new tax, like their federal leader in Ottawa does, or if they will stand with Saskatchewan families.

Imposing a new carbon tax on large emitters, like SaskEnergy and SaskPower, would drive up the costs for Saskatchewan families on home heating and electricity.

For businesses, these new costs could mean the difference between hiring new workers, or paying higher taxes.

The Federal NDP have shown their opposition to other important economic issues that would benefit Saskatchewan workers and producers including the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) – an agreement among 12 of the largest economies in the Pacific that could increase Saskatchewan exports for agricultural, manufacturing, and energy and mining resources. The Saskatchewan NDP sided with Tom Mulcair and failed to support a TPP motion in the Legislature, despite calls from groups like SaskPulse, Grain Growers of Canada, Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association, Saskatchewan Manufacturing Council and more in support of the TPP.

The Saskatchewan NDP have also failed to support the CETA free trade deal with Europe, have opposed the New West Partnership trade agreement amongst the three western provinces, and have even refused to say whether they back a new free trade deal within Canada that is currently under discussion.

“It has taken a lot of time to build up the Saskatchewan Advantage that’s keeping Saskatchewan strong during a period of economic uncertainty,” said Harrison. “The last time the Sask NDP were in government they hiked taxes 21 times – we can’t let them take us back.”