December 10, 2020

Saskatchewan Introduces Legislation to Protect Health Sector Employees

Saskatchewan is taking steps to protect a broader range of health system employees if they chose to report wrongdoing.

Today, the government introduced The Publicly-funded Health Entity Public Interest Disclosure Act.  This legislation will allow whistleblowers to report concerning situations without fear of reprisals.

“We support high standards of professional values and ethics in our workplaces, and want the public to have confidence in our health system organizations,” Health Minister Paul Merriman said.  “It is important for people to feel they can safely raise concerns at work or refuse to participate in something they think may be wrong.”

The new Act establishes protections for employees of publicly-funded health entities when they disclose a wrongdoing.  It will apply to employees of the Saskatchewan Health Authority and the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency, and provides the ability to add other health care organizations through regulation.

Wrongdoings that can be reported include situations that contravene federal or provincial Acts or regulations, gross mismanagement of public funds, or circumstances that create danger to life, health, safety or the environment.

Employees who report a concern or potential wrongdoing in good faith and experience consequences or reprisals may also contact the Public Interest Disclosure Commissioner at