January 15, 2019

Saskatchewan Highway Patrol Welcomes Six New Recruits

Six new officers join the Saskatchewan Highway Patrol after graduating from its recruit training program last month.  The new recruits will join detachments in Regina, Lloydminster and Prince Albert.

“Highway patrol officers are providing valuable support to the RCMP and municipal police services,” Highways and Infrastructure Minister Lori Carr said.  “We are pleased to add six new officers as they will improve response times for emergency calls and the valuable service the Saskatchewan Highway Patrol provides.”

The Saskatchewan Highway Patrol is made up of special constables with the authority to enforce the Criminal Code, federal, provincial and municipal statutes relating to road transportation and the licensing, registration and operation of vehicles.

Officers have completed extensive training in tactics for 911 calls, such as clearing a house of suspects and high-risk vehicle stops.  Officers have also received training in dealing with people with mental health issues, in addition to learning the Criminal Code and the requirements for the collection and control of evidence.

Commercial vehicle enforcement remains the primary responsibility of the Highway Patrol.  These uniformed officers have the authority to stop trucks and complete vehicle weight and safety inspections, enforce speed limits and other rules of the road.  However, the officers will be responding to emergency calls and enforcing traffic safety laws, to support their role on the Protection and Response Team (PRT).

The PRT has helped increase the presence of uniformed officers in rural communities in an effort to deter crime.

PRT was created one year ago to reduce crime, particularly in rural areas, by bringing together highway patrol officers, conservation officers, RCMP and municipal police officers.

PRT vehicles are equipped with Automatic License Plate Readers funded by SGI, which use infra-red technology to scan licence plates as officers drive and alert them when the plate is linked to a stolen or unregistered vehicle, a suspended driver, a reported impaired driver or even a person wanted by police.