February 19, 2016

Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation Announces Newest Grant

Supporting Saskatchewan’s vibrant past, the Government of Saskatchewan is investing $143,000 in heritage conservation projects across the province. Awarded through the Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation, the investment has been distributed to 14 projects in 11 rural municipalities within the province. 

“Our historic buildings play an important role in our provincial story,” Parks, Culture and Sport Minister Mark Docherty said. “As Saskatchewan continues to grow, some of these sites and buildings require conservation work so that they can remain a part our province’s living heritage. The Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation maintains an integral role in preserving the heritage of our province.”

“A strong sense of community is a hallmark of life in Saskatchewan,” Board of Directors Chair Royce Pettyjohn said. “When we think about the communities in which we live, it is usually the places and structures that differentiate our community from all others that come to mind. The Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation is proud to be able to aid the people of Saskatchewan in conserving the places that matter to them, and that define our communities as "home.""

Since its establishment 25 years ago, the Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation has invested more than $7.7 million in 1,432 heritage conservation projects across the province. The Foundation currently offers four conservation-minded programs that protect and restore Saskatchewan’s public and private heritage assets:

  • The Built Heritage Grant – provides funding for municipally or provincially-designated heritage properties;
  • The One-Time Grant for Non-Designated Commercial Heritage Property –  offers funding to help conserve heritage properties without official designation status;
  • The On-site Archaeology or Paleontology Research Grant – funds field-based archaeological and paleontological projects that enhance our understanding of the province; and
  • The Sponsorship Grant – provides support to heritage-related events of provincial or national importance. These grants are adjudicated on a rolling basis. 

Through their most recent allocation, the Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation has awarded funding in 11 Built Heritage projects, two Non-Designated Heritage Property projects and one special event. Adjudication is currently underway for its Archaeology and Paleontology Research Grant. The results of this adjudication will be announced later this month.  

The next application deadline for the Built Heritage and Non-Designated Commercial Heritage Property grants is October 1, 2016. Applications for the Archaeology and Paleontology Research Grant are reviewed on an annual basis. The next deadline for this grant is January 15, 2017.   

For more information about these programs and the Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation, please visitwww.pcs.gov.sk.ca/SHF.