March 21, 2019

Saskatchewan Grew By Over 11,000 People in 2018

Saskatchewan’s population grew by 11,459 people in 2018 to 1,168,423, according to new figures released today by Statistics Canada.

Saskatchewan has now grown by nearly 160,000 people since 2007, the most growth in the province since the 1920s.

“Saskatchewan is a welcoming place,” Immigration and Career Training Minster Jeremy Harrison said.  “It is a province of opportunity and that’s why people from all over the world are choosing to make Saskatchewan their new home.”

Saskatchewan’s population growth in 2018 was driven by net international migration of 15,203 people and a natural increase (births minus deaths) of 6,138, partially offset by net interprovincial migration of 9,882.

“Saskatchewan has now enjoyed over a decade of strong growth,” Harrison said.  “The new provincial budget released yesterday is the right balance to keep our economy strong and our province growing.”