December 08, 2020

Saskatchewan Crime Watch Advisory Network Expanded

Saskatchewan’s Crime Watch Advisory Network has been expanded to include municipal police services and conservation officers.  The Network allows police services to issue advisories to residents via text messages, emails or phone calls with information about criminal activity in their area.

“The expansion of the Saskatchewan Crime Watch Advisory Network will increase communication and engagement between citizens and law enforcement,” Corrections, Policing and Public Safety Minister Christine Tell said.  “It’s a safe, reliable, and efficient service that will help keep our communities safe.”

The expansion will add the following agencies:

  • Weyburn Police Service;
  • Moose Jaw Police Service;
  • Prince Albert Police Service;
  • Wilton Police Service;
  • Corman Park Police Service;
  • Dalmeny Police Service; and
  • Ministry of Environment / Conservation Officer Service. 

The Government of Saskatchewan provides approximately $50,000 annually for the RCMP to operate the Saskatchewan Crime Watch Advisory Network.

“The Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police supports the Saskatchewan Crime Watch Advisory Network fully,” Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police President Chief Rick Bourassa said.  “Through this valuable program, police services and people in our communities are able to work together even more quickly and effectively to advance community safety and wellbeing across our province.”

The Network was first used by RCMP in the southern part of the province, and has gradually been adopted by more law enforcement agencies.

To date, law enforcement has received tips from the public in response to numerous advisories.  Often, the tips are instrumental in the swift resolution of cases, ranging from vehicle theft to fraud.

Close to 15,000 citizens have already registered to receive crime watch notifications from the RCMP, which issued more than 900 advisories.

Members of the public can sign up for crime watch advisories by visiting