September 06, 2018

Saskatchewan Celebrates National Trucking Week

The Government of Saskatchewan is pleased to recognize National Trucking Week from September 2 - 8.

“The provincial government understands how vital transportation is to our economy and quality of life,” Highways and Infrastructure Minister Lori Carr said.  “This is why we are committed to doing everything we can to improve the safety, competitiveness and reliability of the transportation industry and continue to invest in the provincial highway network.”

Exports generate about two-thirds of all the economic activity in Saskatchewan, and just about everything produced moves by truck at some point.  Since Saskatchewan is a land-locked province, it is heavily dependent on the trucking industry to transport products to market.

“Economic growth and the overall development of infrastructure in our province relies on the ability of trucks to move goods,” Saskatchewan Trucking Association Executive Director Susan Ewart said.  “The effectiveness of the trucking industry is directly impacted by the quality of public infrastructure.  Safer, less congested and more strategically located roadways, such as the Regina Bypass, allow the trucking industry to deliver goods in an efficient and cost effective manner.”

Recent projects benefitting the economy and the trucking industry, include:

  • Twinning major highways like Highway 11 between Saskatoon and Prince Albert, Highway 7 west of Saskatoon and Highway 16 southeast of Saskatoon;
  • Passing lanes on Highway 7 and Highway 10 between Fort Qu’Appelle and Highway 1;
  • Planning for passing lanes on Highways 39 and 6 between Regina and Estevan;
  • Truck bypasses for Estevan and Yorkton; and
  • The Regina Bypass.

When driving through a work zone, remember to obey signs, stay alert and slow to 60 km/hr, even if workers are not present.  Work zones may contain driving hazards, like sharp pavement drop or loose stones, which require you to slow down.

A weekly highway construction update is published on to provide the travelling public with the latest details on projects underway to help plan safe and efficient travel.  If you see a highway work zone signing problem, you can report it by calling 306-244-5535.

Check the Highway Hotline at, before you hit the road.  It provides up-to-date information on construction, emergency road closures, the status of ferries/barges and other road activities.  Information is also available by calling 511.

The Government of Saskatchewan has invested more than $8.4 billion in highways and infrastructure since 2008, improving more than 13,000 kilometres of Saskatchewan highways.