September 07, 2018

Saskatchewan Celebrates International Literacy Day

Deputy Premier and Education Minister Gordon Wyant has proclaimed September 8 as International Literacy Day.

“We know that literacy is the foundation of learning and success in schools,” Wyant said.  “Libraries and literacy organizations across our province are doing a terrific job promoting literacy by providing access to programing and materials to all Saskatchewan readers.”

The Government of Saskatchewan is committed to improving literacy of children and learners of all ages by providing $1.5 million in continued funding to support Saskatchewan’s literacy programs.  These include eight family literacy hubs across the province, the Saskatchewan Community Literacy Fund and 20 summer literacy camps across the province serving more than 1,200 students.

The Government of Saskatchewan partners with the Saskatchewan Literacy Network to support the family literacy hubs and the Saskatchewan Community Literacy fund recipients.

“We use literacy skills in our everyday lives – for communicating, reading medicine bottles, banking, and much more – and these skills support success in work, school, and home life,” Saskatchewan Literacy Network Executive Director Phaedra Hitchings said.  “Literacy is important for the well-being of everyone in Saskatchewan, building resilient communities where everyone can contribute their strengths.  The Saskatchewan Literacy Network is pleased to join the Government of Saskatchewan, our province, and the world in celebrating International Literacy Day.”

International Literacy Day has been proclaimed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) for more than 50 years to promote the importance of improved literacy as the foundation for all learning.