March 01, 2018

Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods Unit Expands to Prince Albert

A Safer Communities and Neighbourhoods (SCAN) unit has been established in Prince Albert.

Prince Albert SCAN will work closely with the Prince Albert Police Service and local community organizations to identify and disrupt illegal activity taking place in residential and commercial properties in Prince Albert.  The unit will consist of three members, and will report to the Deputy Director of SCAN North, based out of Saskatoon.

“SCAN has an excellent track record of working with police and local organizations to create safe and healthy communities,” Corrections and Policing Minister Christine Tell said.  “This expansion will provide more opportunities to build on this mandate, not just in Prince Albert, but in the surrounding communities as well.”

SCAN deals with criminal activities through a civil enforcement process that targets properties rather than people, allowing them to shut down illicit activities occurring at properties without laying criminal charges.

“The Prince Albert Police Service has always valued the strong working relationship that was formed with SCAN several years ago,” Prince Albert Police Service Deputy Chief Jeff Rowden said.  “This relationship resulted in great support from the program despite being located in Saskatoon.  We are very pleased to have three SCAN officers now based out of Prince Albert.  The addition of this team will no doubt strengthen and enhance the safety of our community and surrounding region.”

SCAN most frequently responds to complaints of suspected drug and gang activity, and works with owners and landlords to put an end to this type of activity through a variety of enforcement actions, up to and including eviction.

If you have a concern about any illegal activity and believe it is associated to drug- or gang-related activity, please call SCAN’s toll free numbers:

  • Saskatoon and Prince Albert: 1-855-933-6411
  • Regina: 1-866-51-SAFER

If you are in immediate danger or you witness a crime being committed, please call 911.

Complaints can also be filed online at  You do not have to go to court as a result of a complaint, and your identity is kept confidential.