February 20, 2020

Remote Recreation Lease Fees Frozen For Five Years

Environment Minister Dustin Duncan announced today at the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation convention in Weyburn that annual lease fees for remote recreation properties on Crown land will be frozen at $888, with a review to be conducted in five years.

A proposal introduced in 2019 – which generated considerable public response – would have seen annual Crown land lease fees increase to $1,500 over four years.  However, today’s decision means that lessees will see no movement in their yearly fees before 2025.

“After listening to the concerns of cabin owners on Crown land about the proposed increase, the Government of Saskatchewan is responding with a fair and respectful approach to fees for remote recreation leases,” Duncan said.  “We will review the fee structure in five years to ensure that the people of Saskatchewan are getting fair value for these properties.”

Provincial lease fee rates were initially revised because they had not been reviewed since 2004, and did not reflect fair market values.  The government charges rates that provide a fair return to the province for the private use of public lands and resources.

There are 937 remote recreational cabins and 15 remote residential sites on Crown resource land, primarily located in the north.  Prior to the changes, the average recreational cabin site paid $287 per year.