November 16, 2017

Regina and Saskatoon Receive $9.5 Million for Targeted Police Initiatives

The Cities of Saskatoon and Regina will continue to benefit from Municipal Police Grants for targeted police initiatives to help keep communities safe and secure.

The Government of Saskatchewan is providing $4.8 million for 43 police officers in Saskatoon and $4.7 million for 40 police officers positions in Regina for 2017-18.  In collaboration with the Provincial Response Team, the grants also include funding for three new police positions assigned to the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit (CFSEU) in each of CFSEU’s three locations: Regina, Saskatoon and Prince Albert.  The focus of these positions will be to specifically target illicit drugs such as crystal meth and fentanyl that are disproportionately driving property crime.

“Our government is focused on community safety,” Justice Minister and Attorney General Don Morgan said.  “These grants and the positions they fund provide the support needed to those working to protect the communities of Regina and Saskatoon.”

Programs supported through the Municipal Police Grants include a focus on organized crime and gang activity through investigations led by the CFSEU, and work by the Serious and Habitual Offender Comprehensive Action Program to hold chronic habitual offenders to account.  Other programs work to solve missing persons cases and reduce the victimization of the most vulnerable members of our society through the work of the Internet Child Exploitation (ICE) unit.

These grants continue to build on the partnership between government and provincial police leaders by supporting shared priorities.

“The ongoing commitment shown by the Province of Saskatchewan is critical to enhancing our efforts to reduce and deter violent crime, gang activity and child exploitation,” Saskatoon Police Acting Chief Mark Chatterbok said.  “Provincial funding also greatly assists the Saskatoon Police Service in a growing need to respond to emergency calls involving addictions and mental health issues in our community.”

“The Regina Police Service is appreciative of the municipal police grant from the Province of Saskatchewan,” Regina Police Service Chief Evan Bray said.  “This grant solidifies a partnership that ensures community safety.  The Regina Police Service’s Vision, Working Together to Keep Regina Safe, speaks to such collaboration and the importance of the province’s continued financial assistance toward the safety of our citizens.”

The provincial government provides funds to urban police services across the province to support 128 municipal police positions and policing initiatives.  This grant fulfills the government’s commitment to supporting the policing services within the province’s municipalities.