June 08, 2018

Reesor Ranch Provincial Heritage Property Plaque Unveiled

Today, the Government of Saskatchewan unveiled a plaque recognizing the Historic W.D. & Alice Reesor Ranch as Saskatchewan’s 52nd Provincial Heritage Property.  The ranch represents a time in Saskatchewan’s history when ranching shifted from mainly corporate enterprises to family-run operations.

“The designation of the Historic W.D. & Alice Reesor Ranch helps to preserve Saskatchewan's strong ranching history,” Parks, Culture and Sport Minister Gene Makowsky said.  “The Reesor Ranch not only represents the importance of the family ranch in Saskatchewan, but its main buildings are also fine examples of the craftsmanship used in ranch architecture in Cypress Hills during that period.”

Historic places play an important role in our provincial identity, our sense of place, and providing locations and events that support tourism.  The ranch retains many historic buildings, which were constructed between 1906 and 1916, including the ranch-house, barn, granary, bunkhouse and roothouse.

Tourists to the area are able to visit these buildings which continue to serve in the family’s ranching operations.  The property is also operated as a bed and breakfast.

The Provincial Heritage Property plaque unveiling will be celebrated with Reesor Ranch’s first Annual Ranch Heritage Barn Dance from 7-10 p.m tonight, Friday June 8.

Through The Heritage Property Act, Saskatchewan’s irreplaceable and non-renewable heritage is protected and preserved for the benefit of Saskatchewan residents.  There are 52 Provincial Heritage Properties in Saskatchewan.

For information on nominating properties you believe may have provincial heritage significance, please visit www.saskatchewan.ca/provincial-heritage-property.

For more information about the Historic W.D. & Alice Reesor Ranch, please visit www.reesorranch.com.