January 20, 2016

Record Research Funding for Livestock and Forage Sectors

Today the federal and provincial governments announced more than $7.8 million in funding for 26 livestock and forage research projects.  This record livestock and forage-related investment through the Agriculture Development Fund (ADF) includes the renewal of five year core funding for the Prairie Swine Centre and the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization.

“The livestock industry plays an important role in driving jobs and growth in Saskatchewan and across Canada,” Federal Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay said.  “Investments in research projects are key to advancing innovation in our agricultural sector, which will help Canadian farmers feed Canada and the world.”

“Our province has a strong and vibrant livestock industry,” Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart said.  “Today’s investment will ensure producers benefit from research into improved forage varieties, optimization of livestock feeding systems and management of animal diseases.”

Examples of research projects include the efficiency of feed and nutrient status based on the core body temperature of beef cattle, comparing cicer milkvetch varieties and advancing the control of Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea.
An additional $800,000 was also invested by third party organizations including the Saskatchewan Pulse Growers Association, the Western Grain Research Foundation, the Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association and the Saskatchewan Pork Development Board, among others.

“We see the benefits of investing in research,” Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association Chair Bill Jameson said.  “We know there are long and short term results for producers and we recognize the success of our industry is dependent on developing knowledge, tools and best practices.”

“Enhancing disease control and assessing the effectiveness of current practices is essential to our industry,” Sask Pork’s Chair Florian Possberg said.  “The work getting underway is valuable on many levels and the projects are focused on what will benefit industry and build our competitiveness.”

The Agriculture Development Fund is designed to create opportunities through research and development projects to advance the agriculture industry.  Since 2008, the federal and provincial governments have invested $37 million in livestock and forage research.  Earlier this month, the federal and provincial governments announced more than $7 million for 40 crop-related research projects.

Support for ADF projects is provided under Growing Forward 2, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.  A complete list of funded projects is available at www.saskatchewan.ca under Agriculture Development Fund.