February 24, 2016

Record Municipal Revenue Sharing for Saskatchewan Communities

The Government of Saskatchewan today announced that municipal revenue sharing is estimated to be more than $271 million in 2016-17.  That represents an increase of 113 per cent from 2007-2008, a record amount for municipalities.

“Despite the impact of falling oil prices on the province’s economy, we have maintained our commitment to provide one percentage point of total provincial sales tax revenues in unconditional grants,” Government Relations Minister Jim Reiter said.

Municipal revenue sharing funding will be allocated from the total pool in the following manner:

  • Cities – more than $130 million or 47.945 per cent
  • Rural – more than $76.6 million or 28.254 per cent
  • Towns and Villages – more than $44.3 million or 16.345 per cent
  • North – more than $20.2 million or 7.456 per cent.

“Our cities, towns, villages, and northern communities are grateful for the predictable funding delivered through revenue sharing, and for the partnership this funding represents,” Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA) President Deb Button said.  “We rely on these dollars to fund our operations, and to foster and sustain the incredible growth our communities have seen in recent years.”

“When you consider the fiscal context of the province right now, to see the northern revenue sharing growing year-over-year is pretty amazing, and is really enabling our communities to grow and thrive, which helps the capacity of northern local governments to provide a range of municipal services to our residents such as water and sewer services," New North Chair Al Sayn said.

“The Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) would like to thank the province for ensuring that the revenue sharing pool for municipalities will remain equivalent to one percentage point of the PST for 2016,” SARM President Ray Orb said.  “Tying revenue sharing to the PST means that as the province experiences economic growth, municipalities are better able to maintain the infrastructure in rural areas that support it.”

A detailed breakdown of municipal revenue sharing can be found at www.saskatchewan.ca/government/municipal-administration/funding-finances-and-asset-management/funding/view-municipal-revenue-sharing-figures.

Note that amounts for individual municipalities may change slightly from those depicted, with finalization.  Payments are subject to approval of program regulations and the 2016-17 Budget.