September 20, 2018

Rail Safety is Everyone's Responsibility

Public-Rail Safety Week September 23-29

The Government of Saskatchewan and the Western Canadian Shortline Railway Association (WCSLRA) urge all drivers and pedestrians to be alert and cautious near tracks and trains during Public Rail Safety Week (PRSW).

“Rail transportation is vital in getting goods delivered here as well as exports to market,” Highways and Infrastructure Minister Lori Carr said.  “Rail safety is everyone’s responsibility – only cross railway tracks at authorized and marked crossings, and always obey the signs.”

Saskatchewan has about 4,700 public crossings which is about 20 per cent of the crossings in Canada.  The Government of Saskatchewan conducts routine safety inspections of the province’s 1,200 shortline rail crossings, regularly reviews shortline railways safety management plans and works closely with shortlines to make sure their operating rules and plans are up-to-date.

As part of public education efforts, the Government of Saskatchewan distributes Train Safety Activity Booklets to Grade 4 students at more than 100 schools located near shortline railways each year in conjunction with National Public Rail Safety Week.  The booklets are produced by the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure in partnership with the WCSLRA.

“Railway safety is our top priority. It is critically important to us that our staff and our neighbours make it home safely every night,” WCSLRA President Perry Pellerin said.  “These colouring books are important because they help educate children in our communities and supplement the work that we’re doing.”

PRSW is an Operation Lifesaver initiative that aims to bring awareness to rail safety and encourages people to be safe while travelling near rail crossings or tracks.  Further resources can be found at Operation Lifesaver’s website at

Saskatchewan has 13 operational, privately-owned shortline railways on about 2,131 km of provincially-regulated track that connect to more than 6,000 kilometres of federally-regulated rail lines.