April 12, 2016

Public Safety Telecommunicators Week Honours Saskatchewan's 911 Operators and Emergency Service Dispatchers

The Government of Saskatchewan is proud to proclaim April 10 to 16 as Public Safety Telecommunicators Week to recognize the contribution 911 operators and emergency service dispatchers provide to the province.

“Saskatchewan’s 911 operators and emergency service dispatchers are the first point of contact when residents are in crisis,” Government Relations Minister Jim Reiter said.  “Please join me in recognizing these dedicated professionals for the challenging and vital role they play in keeping us all safe.”

Last year, Saskatchewan 911 operators took 309,461 calls.  To help protect the integrity of the 911 system so resources are available to address real emergencies, please keep in mind these important tips:

  • Remember to lock your keypad when you carry your cell phone in your pocket, purse or backpack.
  • To prevent misdials, don’t pre-program 911 into your phone.
  • Teach your children the importance of 911 and when it should and should not be used.
  • If you or your children accidentally dial 911, please stay on the line so an operator can quickly confirm that it is not a real emergency.

Public Safety Telecommunicators Week is endorsed by the Association of Public Safety Communication Officials across Canada.