December 10, 2019

Public Feedback Requested On Draft Woodland Caribou Range Plan

The Government of Saskatchewan is asking for public feedback on a draft range plan for woodland caribou in the western portion of the province’s Boreal Plain.

Range plans identify objectives, measures, tools and targets to manage woodland caribou habitat to support healthy populations, along with several management actions and approaches.  This is the second range plan the province has drafted.

The 60-day review period runs from December 10 to February 8, 2020.

The boreal population of woodland caribou is listed as a threatened species under the federal Species at Risk Act.

In 2013, the Ministry of Environment initiated a Woodland Caribou Range Assessment and Range Planning Program to better understand woodland caribou ecology and to help conserve the species and its related habitat.  This work was initiated to help meet objectives identified in the federal government’s Recovery Strategy for Woodland Caribou.

Range planning is an important component of this program and includes stakeholders from industry, non-government organizations and municipalities, as well as First Nations and Métis communities.

Environment and Climate Change Canada will receive the draft plan during the same period as the public review.  Once the 60-day review period is complete, all comments will be carefully reviewed and considered.  The plan will be revised as necessary to reflect public feedback and submitted for further discussion with the federal government.

The draft range plan is available at