August 25, 2020

Provincial Disaster Assistance Program Helps Dozens of Communities Recover from 2020-21 Weather Events

Summer is the time when most extreme weather events occur in Saskatchewan.  When these events occur, the Provincial Disaster Assistance Program (PDAP) helps residents, small businesses, agricultural operations, First Nations, non-profit organizations and communities recover from natural disasters.  This includes flooding, tornadoes, plow winds and more.

In 2019, PDAP issued financial assistance in the amount of $325,000 to claimants throughout Saskatchewan.

“As the 2020 disaster season comes to a close, communities are reminded to check online if they’re designated, as eligible, to submit claims to PDAP,” Government Relations Minister Lori Carr said.  “This means PDAP will send out adjusters to survey property damage, which allows the program to begin providing financial assistance to start the rebuilding process.”

Within one month after the disaster occurs, the local government authority, First Nation or Park authority must submit a request for PDAP support.

PDAP must receive:

  • A Resolution in Council or a Band Council Resolution; and
  • A completed Request for Designation form.

All potential claimants have up to six months from the disaster date to apply for program assistance.

Accepted applicants have a one-year deadline from the date of the disaster to complete all cleanup, repairs, restorations, and replacements.  Extensions may be granted after the one-year deadline, as long as the written request is justified.

To learn more about PDAP, or find the latest update of designated communities, please visit or call 1-866-632-4033.