August 01, 2018

Provincial 911 Centre Transitions to Not For Profit Organization

Today, Government Relations Minister Warren Kaeding announced that the Saskatchewan-based not-for-profit organization CanOps has been selected to manage the Provincial Emergency Communications Centre near Prince Albert, which is part of the Sask911 system.

“Founded in Saskatchewan, CanOps is uniquely qualified to take on this important role,” Kaeding said.  “With their selection I am confident that 911 services in Saskatchewan will remain the same efficient, reliable, and professional service that we all depend on.  I am also happy to note that this transition will not affect staffing or the centre, and citizens will not notice any change in service.”

CanOps was selected to manage the Provincial Emergency Communications Centre after a public tendering process concluded in the spring of 2018.  It had been previously managed by the City of Prince Albert.

“We are honoured to be selected to take on the management of this important and essential service for the province of Saskatchewan,” President of CanOps John Saunders said.  “We will continue to work with the province on a seamless transition, and to ensure that the transition does not affect the delivery of services or the staff.  Going forward, we will ensure that we maintain the excellence in levels of service and support that the community has come to expect.”

CanOps will report to the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency, a Treasury Board Crown created in 2017, which is responsible for Sask911.

The Provincial Emergency Communications Centre will continue to provide 911 services for all areas of the province except for the cities of Regina and Saskatoon.  Those cities will continue to manage their own 911 centres and serve the residents in their areas.

Sask911 operators from near Prince Albert, Saskatoon and Regina handled a combined total of 364,663 calls in 2017 and 332,297 calls in 2016, which is about a nine per cent increase.

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