March 22, 2017

Province Takes On Management and Operation of Wascana Centre

The Government of Saskatchewan will take on responsibility for Wascana Centre as part of the 2017-18 Provincial Budget.

The change will see a streamlined approach to operations and investments in the Park, and will bring stability to Wascana Centre’s funding.

An independent review in 2011 commissioned by the Centre’s partners, the City of Regina, the University of Regina and the province, highlighted issues with an unsustainable funding model and an infrastructure deficit, and recommended the province assume control of the park.

“Wascana Centre is not only home to the Legislative Building and the seat of government, but also a place the province’s people and visitors truly cherish,” Minister Responsible for the Provincial Capital Commission Christine Tell said.  “It is our responsibility to ensure it is appropriately funded and well-maintained for future generations.”

The Wascana Centre partners will continue to have input for decisions that impact all partners through a committee structure as part of the Provincial Capital Commission.

“We know how passionate Saskatchewan citizens are about the park and how deeply they care it remains as an outdoor oasis for families and visitors,” Tell said.  “We have a strong track record of investing in Wascana Centre – $48.2 million over the last 10 years.  I want to offer reassurance that under the new model we will continue to invest in infrastructure and make sure the park is well-maintained for all those who enjoy the beauty of this natural and recreational area.”

The province will continue to update and adhere to the Master Plan that has been in place for many years and guides the development of landscapes, structures and infrastructure in the Centre.  Future operational efficiencies are expected through consolidation of administrative functions that will now be delivered by the Ministry of Central Services.

The addition of Wascana Centre to the Provincial Capital Commission will further enhance its mandate, which is to preserve and promote the history and culture of Saskatchewan and to ensure that Saskatchewan’s capital continues to remain a source of pride for the people of Saskatchewan, and a source of interest to visitors to Saskatchewan.